Short biography Henk Krist:


Henk krist (1952) grew up in the North of Friesland, Netherlands, a region with its own language and culture. The language, Frisian, has many agreements with a number of Scandinavian languages. The name Krist is a Scandinavian surname.

His parents were strict Christian. The father of Krist, sat in the second world war in a concentration camp, but managed to survive. He lost in this oppressive tragic period in tinkering, signs and dreams.

Initially chose Henk Krist for a job as a nurse in the Psychiatry, witch him strong has formed with regard to watching and observing the world and its inhabitants. Its impact is reflected back in the Visual language of his paintings.
After ten years of work in Psychiatry he chose the free artists ' existence. He studied at the Art Academy of Leeuwarden, the capital of the province of Friesland, the city that in 2018 in addition, cultural capital of Europe.

The man and his environment for Henk Krist remains an endless source of inspiration. The pain, the joy, the loneliness and alienation, it's the great existential themes in his oeuvre.
His style, although difficult, is the middle between deliberately naive, rigid and melancholic, though it is also a form of camp and kitsch, populated with Fellini-like figures.



The name of a bulky, in 2007 published book about the person and work of the artist had the title: what to do on Earth.

Krist is a constantly balance equilibrist, searching among the tragic and the comic. There refers, the titles of his works, in a playful manner, to. They are an essential part of The performance.
In his career as an artist, now 35 years, Henk Krist exhibited numerous times both at home and abroad. And that’s till now. His work is in several collections of important and leading Dutch galleries, art lovers and individuals.



It was Krist his reformed youth that was decisive for its decision to follow a training for an organ, later was supplemented by a study piano. 
The painter plays every now and then, with the church organ recitals at festivals and in a small circle. Most of the time with his own compositions, which he jokingly "modern Psalms".
In 2012 he made the cd Krist plays Krist, with a series of minimum numbers on the concert grand piano.

Characteristic for the painter-musician his thinking and a number of statements about the way he looks at life, the world and the art: 
"There is nothing more fascinating than anything stranger and the reality of the
" ordinary ".
"See where you are looking at and listening to it, that is the issue in the arts."